Lending a helping hand

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Being part of a cooperative means being part of a community. This is just another example of how the cooperative principles set us apart from a traditional utility structure and empowers Piedmont Electric to be a source of strength and stability for our members.
Our Piedmont Electric community is filled with generous members who choose to round up their bills to the nearest dollar each month as a donation to our Helping Hand Foundation. We then combine those pennies to spread assistance and support to members in need.
For example, during the pandemic, the Helping Hand Foundation created a special relief fund for one-time donations and shifted funds to support crisis financial assistance for energy bills. As of August 2021, more than $128,000 was donated by the Helping Hand Foundation to members who needed energy assistance and broadband grants were awarded to The City of Mebane and Caswell County to aid in providing free public WiFi in parts of these communities. We also helped our members by connecting individuals with organizations that could help.
Helping Hand donationFunds from the Helping Hand Foundation also help support our community focused programs like college scholarships and Bright Ideas grants for local educators. If you would like to support our community by rounding up your bill, you can sign up by visiting pemc.smarthub.coop or by calling us at 800.222.3107.
If you’re already donating but would like to give more, you can give additional support to the Helping Hand Foundation by doing any of the following:

  • Setting up a one-time or recurring monthly donation on your bill through the SmartHub app
  • Donating your capital credits money either online or through the mail
  • Donating online through our Pay Now portal
  • Donating by mail by sending a check to our main office in Hillsborough
  • Donating future capital credits through our capital credits beneficiary designation form
  • Donate by calling us at 800.222.3107

For more information about any of these donation methods and to learn more about how the Helping Hand Foundation benefits our members, visit pemc.coop/donate.
When we all come together, the pennies add up and real change is possible.

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