Our commitment to helping the planet and lowering your cost

Community solar panels at Roxboro

Our commitment to helping the planet and lowering your cost

An overview of our green initiatives

Around the world, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 as a way to show support for protecting our environment. At Piedmont Electric, we recognize that it’s part of our job to be a trusted resource for our members when it comes to making small changes with a big impact. As your cooperative, we’re committed to providing resources and programs to help all of us do a better job of preserving our planet for future generations.

Harvesting the power of the sun
Our community solar program gives our members an affordable option to participate in renewable solar energy. Participants subscribe to the rights of the energy output from solar panels for $2.50 per panel/month and will receive a monthly credit on their bill that reflects the amount of electricity produced by their panels.

This is a low-cost, easy way to take advantage of solar power, without the commitment of adding expensive panels to your home. Plus, this is a great way for renters to use solar power!

Driving electric
Opting to drive an electric vehicle helps reduce strain on the environment. As a cooperative, we’re proud to have incorporated electric vehicles into our fleet and we work to be a valued resource for members who are considering an electric vehicle of their own.

We have a discounted electric vehicle (EV) time-of-day rate, a $50 credit for EV owners and an EV charging station installed at our Hillsborough office.

Saving the trees
In an effort to reduce the amount of paper and postage we use, we have a paperless billing option available to all of our members.

If you’d like to help us cut back on costs of bill statements, log in to your SmartHub account, click “My Profile”, choose “Update My Printed Bill Settings” and turn off the “Printed Bill Status” option or call us at 800.222.3107.

To learn more about specific programs that can help you reduce your energy use and lower your cost, click here. Together, we can all make a difference!