Convenient payment options to fit your lifestyle

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We know that you’re busy, which is why we offer multiple payment options to make it easier than ever for you to pay your energy bill. Here’s an overview of all your ways to pay:

SmartHub: You can conveniently pay your bill online by logging in to your SmartHub account, either on a desktop computer or by downloading the SmartHub app on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’re logged in, you can pay your bill, check your energy use, create a payment extension and more.

Automatic bank draft: Take the headache out of remembering to pay your bill by setting up auto draft payments. Piedmont Electric members can have their monthly bill set up for automatic payments by bank, debit or credit card draft. You can set up auto draft payments through your SmartHub account or by calling 800.222.3107.

Online billing: If you don’t want to sign up for a SmartHub account, you can still pay your bill online by using our Pay Now feature. This is a great option for individuals who split their monthly bills with another person. All you need is your account number. Click here to use this payment option.

Budget billing: If you’d like a more predictable bill, our budget billing option might be perfect for you. You pay the same amount each month with no spikes in the heat of summer or cold of winter!

Moneygram: Want to pay your bill while you’re out running errands? Visit a local Moneygram location (including Walmart locations) near you to submit your payment. You can see a list of all Moneygram locations by visiting

Paperless billing: Looking to go green? You can help us reduce the amount of paper and postage we use by choosing our paperless billing option. Simply log in to your SmartHub account and change the “Printed Bill Status” slider to the “off” position.

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