Prepare for the changing seasons

Image: Orange autumn leaves in the sunlight.
As we transition into fall, remember to shift your energy usage habits. While the end goal of saving money and energy is the same year-round, the ways to save change each season.
Fall Energy-Saving Tips
• Once you start heating your home, set your thermostat to no higher than 68 degrees and be sure to lower the temperature a few degrees when you go to bed or are not at home.
• Caulk and weather strip around exterior doors and windows to seal in warm air.
• During the day, open shades and curtains to allow natural light to heat your home. Remember to close them at night to retain the day’s heat.
• For those who have a fireplace, be sure to close the damper unless a fire is lit. Keeping the damper open is like leaving a window open.
• Schedule a service of your heating unit. Making sure it is working properly will help it run more efficiently.
• Replace your air filters monthly to lower heating costs, improve indoor air quality and extend equipment life.
• If you like to have a light on when you get home, use a timer or motion detector instead of leaving the lights on all day.
• Switch your ceiling fans so they turn clockwise, which will push warm air from the ceiling to the floor.
• Insulate your water heater and the pipes going to and from your unit.
• Remove any window air conditioning units or, if they cannot be removed, wrap them with an insulated cover to keep warm air from escaping around the unit.
For more information, visit or give us a call at 800.222.3107. We can provide you with energy efficiency advice or conduct a free energy audit.
As your trusted energy advisor, we are here to help you practice smart energy habits throughout every season!

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