Electric Vehicle Rate

Plug-In to energy savings

Starting in May 2017, Piedmont Electric will offer new rates to members who own a plug-in electric vehicle (EV)*. This new rate schedule has been designed specifically for EV owners who use most of their energy overnight charging their vehicle. If you’re an EV owner and would like to lower your energy bill, simply switch to the new EV rate, plug-in your vehicle before bed and save money while you sleep!

How do I apply?

It’s easy! Simply provide these three things to Piedmont Electric:

  1. Copy of the electric vehicle registration card corresponding to the associated electric address.
  2. Proof that the vehicle can be recharged from an external plug-in source of electricity.
  3. Notice if ownership or lease of the vehicle changes.

What is different?

The Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak rates make the difference with the EV rate schedule. By using most of your energy during the Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak times, you will see significant savings on your energy bill. Your monthly rate for your facilities charges will remain the same.


Energy Charges:                              Winter                                                                  Summer

On-Peak                              26.42¢ per On-Peak kWh                                      33.69¢ per On-Peak kWh

Off-Peak                               6.14¢ per Off-Peak kWh                                        6.14¢ per Off-Peak kWh

Super Off-Peak               2.79¢ per Super Off-Peak kWh                               2.79¢ per Super Off-Peak kWh

Peak ours explanation

Designated holidays are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Not only will we help you save money with your electric vehicle, but the state and federal government will too!

Check out the incentives below!

For more information on EV rates and terms of service, click here, and check out page 27 for our full list of rates.

Service Agreement for Time-of-Day Rates available here.

To find charging stations near you, click here.

To calculate how much you could save in fuel cost by switching to an electric vehicle, click here.

*This EV rate is available only to members who would otherwise be serviced by the Residential or Small General Service Schedules and who own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle. Not available for those on net metered rate.

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