Tap into a clean energy source this summer

Community solar

As a cooperative, Piedmont Electric strives to “go green” not only in how we operate, but also in the options we provide to you. Our community solar program allows you to tap into the clean energy of the sun and reduce your carbon footprint!

What is community solar?

Community solar allows you to take advantage of solar energy, without the cost or commitment of adding panels to your home.

We have constructed two solar fields; one at our Roxboro office and one at our Caswell office. The panels in each field are exclusively for use by Piedmont Electric members. When you enroll in the program, you subscribe to the rights of the energy output from these solar panels for $2.50 per panel per month. A member can subscribe to a maximum of 15 panels.

The fee is charged directly to your monthly electric bill. Additionally, you will also see a credit on your bill which reflects the amount of electricity produced from the solar panels to which you are subscribed.

How impactful is the program?

We have 1,854 solar panels across both farms, which can generate up to 2,500 kWhs of electricity every day on average. That’s the equivalent of enough energy to power 70 average-sized homes each day!

Not only are we creating solar energy that can be used by our members, but we’re also helping the environment by using this clean energy source.

You can see a daily report showing the CO2 emissions we’ve avoided from each farm by visiting pemc.coop/communitysolar.

What are the benefits?

Community solar gives our members a low cost, low risk way to take advantage of solar technology. Our solar fields are well-suited to receive maximum sun exposure and the program eliminates the expense, installation and maintenance of owning solar panels while still affording our members with the benefits of solar power. Plus, it allows renters the opportunity to use solar power!

How do I sign up? If you’re ready to take advantage of solar energy for your home or would like to increase the number of panels you are subscribed to, visit pemc.coop/communitysolar or call us at 800.222.3107.

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