Thankful for the value of electricity

thankful for the value of electricity
In a year like no other, we’ve all been spending more time inside our homes than we ever thought possible. If your additional energy use has you worried about the impact on your wallet, you’ll be happy to know that staying home can actually help you save money through the value of electricity.

Make working from home work for you

work from homeIf you’ve turned part of your house into a home office this year to accommodate your new working from home schedule, you might be worried about the increase in energy you’re using as a result.
The good news is that while you are likely using more electricity, you’re saving on other costs by not driving into the office each day. That’s because, generally speaking, the cost of electricity is more affordable than typical commuting costs.
So when you turn on your computer and start working from your home office, think how much money you’re saving (and how you’re reducing carbon emissions as well!).
One tank of gas = 4,166 hours of running your computer.*

Save while streaming

save while streamingThe days of taking the whole family out to the movie theater are paused for now, but you can still have fun by hosting an at-home family movie night complete with microwave popcorn and your favorite candy.
Plus, you’ll save money while you do it. All you need is your favorite movie to bring the fun experience of going to the theater right into your living room.
One trip to the movies = 6,250 hours of watching television.*

Become a home chef

cook at homeGoing out to dinner at a restaurant is fun and relaxing, but staying in for dinner can be just as enjoyable and it’s much more budget-friendly.
Break out an old cookbook to try a new recipe the whole family will enjoy or get your kids in the kitchen and let them be part of the cooking process. This experience can be a great time to bond with your family and save money while you do it.
One dinner at a restaurant = 321 hours of using your oven.*
Eventually, we’ll all be able to go out as much as we’d like. Until then, enjoy the money-saving benefits that come with staying home!
*Calculations are based on 10¢ per kWh, a $25 tank of gas, a computer that uses 60 watts/hr, a $50 trip to the movies, a 42 inch LED TV that uses 80 watts/ hr, a $75 meal, and an oven that uses 2400 watts/hr.
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