What does it mean to be a co-op lineman?

What does it mean to be a co-op lineman?

On April 13, we celebrate the brave linemen of Piedmont Electric and other electric co-ops across the country with National Lineman Appreciation Day. While we are grateful to them year-round, it’s a special opportunity to let them know just how thankful we are for the hard work they do to keep our electricity on day and night.

This year, we interviewed a few of our linemen to learn more about what this job means to them.

Brian Rhew


Brian Rhew (Crew Leader, 25 years with the co-op) It means a lot to me to be a co-op lineman because of the comradery we have together on the crews. Piedmont Electric is a family-oriented business and we are all about community. I’ve lived here my whole life which makes working in this community very personal.


Hunter Cox


Hunter Cox (Lineman Trainee, 2 years with the co-op) To me, being a co-op lineman means that my company takes care of me, is family-oriented and provides training. When storms come in, I always learn a lot from the other linemen since every situation is different during storm restoration.


Ae Bounvilay


Ae Bounvilay (Class B Lineman, 4 years with the co-op) It means the world to me to be a co-op lineman. The culture is about the community and it’s like a brotherhood on the crews. Piedmont Electric challenges me both mentally and physically and lets me learn daily from working alongside senior linemen.


Devyn Crittenton


Devyn Crittenton (Lineman Trainee, 10 months with the co-op) One of the awesome differences with the co-op is that they give you the education you need to have a full understanding of everything from the substation to your doorstep.


David Tilson


David Tilson (Crew Leader, 20 years with the co-op) Being a co-op lineman means we focus on our members and on safety in everything we do. That’s the whole difference with the co-op.



Remember to use #ThankALineman on social media this month to show your appreciation!