Celebrating the cooperative spirit

cooperative spirit

Throughout National Co-op Month, we celebrate the aspects that make being a cooperative unique. One such quality is that as a cooperative, we’re part of a larger network. Take a look at how your locally-owned co-op is strengthened through the sixth cooperative principle, cooperation among cooperatives.

Storm support

Through mutual aid agreements formed with other electric

cooperatives, we’ll never have to face the aftermath of a dangerous storm alone. Whether our service area is hit by a hurricane or our lines are covered in ice, we can rely on unaffected electric co-ops to offer a helping hand.

They’ll travel to us to help restore outages as quickly as possible and we’ll do the same for them. Cooperatives are truly in this together.

Advocating for you

Cooperatives use their collective voice to ensure elected officials know how their policies will impact cooperative members.

Getting the job done together

North Carolina co-ops formed the Tarheel Electric Membership Association (TEMA), a material supply cooperative, that ensures we get the best price on everything we need to keep the electricity running at your home.

Likewise, electric cooperatives do some administrative tasks together as another way to keep our costs down. This all goes back to wanting to provide the best services to our members while keeping rates affordable.

Power in numbers

Whether it is building power plants or negotiating contracts, co-ops work together to get the lowest cost on power so we can pass along those savings to our members.

At the end of the day, we are an independent electric cooperative. However, we’re proud to be part of a larger cooperative community, which helps us better serve our members. Working together in these ways helps us deliver on our promise of reliable, affordable electric service to our members.