Beat the heat with these cool energy-saving tips

beat the heat with energy-saving tips

With the extra time at home this year, you’ve probably never been more aware of how much energy you use and how it impacts your bill. And, during these hot August days, it’s natural to stay inside, watching a few extra hours of TV.

If you’re anything like us, you get inspired by the before and after transformations on home renovation shows. Well, this month, instead of turning on HGTV, look to PEMC for some inspirational home update ideas!

No-cost energy saving-tips

Close your shades

During the summer, sun streaming in through the windows raises your home’s temperature, causing your AC to run longer to keep you cool. Each morning, close the shades in your home to keep the sun out and your home comfortable.

Rethink your laundry habits

Instead of doing several small loads of laundry each week, try to only run your washer and dryer when you have a full load. Since the appliances use about the same amount of energy no matter how full they are, it’s best to fill them up for maximum efficiency.

Get creative with your meals

Using your oven in the summer warms up your home, causing your air conditioner to run longer to keep your house cool. A few days per week, skip the stove and cook out on the grill instead. Or, make nutritious options that don’t require a stove – like smoothies and salads – to help you save energy and money.

Adjust the temperature in your refrigerator

Is your fridge too cold? Set the temperature in your fridge at 40°F to keep your food stored safely for the right price. Additionally, make sure your freezer is at 0°F for optimal performance.*

*According to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

low cost no cost collage

Low-cost energy-saving tips

Use caulk to seal gaps around your home

Gaps around your windows and door frames can let warm air into your home and cool air outside. Buy some caulk from your local home improvement store to seal in the gaps and keep you cool for less.

Install a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat can learn your habits over time and adjust itself to help keep you comfortable and save energy. You can also use it to set a schedule so you’re not paying to cool your home when you’re out. To save even more, you can join our smart thermostat savings program with an Ecobee or Nest model and your home WiFi. Learn more at

Replace your showerheads

Change out the showerheads in your bathroom with energy-saving, low-flow alternatives. Not only will you save on water use, but you’ll be using less hot water which helps you save on energy.

Install a water heater wrap

By insulating your water heater, you’ll help reduce heat loss from the tank. If you can feel heat around the outside of your tank, that means it’s losing heat and could benefit from a water heater insulation wrap.


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