Get your energy for half-off this Thanksgiving!

get energy half-off

The most delicious day of the year is often one of the electrically-intensive days. Between cooking your favorite family recipes and keeping the TV on all day to watch the parade and football, your energy use can skyrocket on Thanksgiving.

What if you could pay half off the energy you use on holidays (and beyond)? With our time-ofday rate, you can! By signing up, you’ll get 50% off the energy you use during off -peak times all year long, which includes weekends and most holidays like Thanksgiving.

The average member saves around $20 per month by participating in our time-of-day rate, which is the equivalent of buying 8 cans of yams* for your famous sweet potato casserole. That’s something we can all be thankful for this year!

Best of all, this program is completely risk-free. If you sign up and don’t see savings compared to our regular rate, we’ll refund you the difference.

If you aren’t signed up for a time-of-day rate, you can do so through your SmartHub account or by completing this form.

Want to learn more before signing up? Use the button below to explore all the benefits of our time-of-day rates.

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