Bundle and save

When you combine our programs and rebates, you can maximize your savings.

Our goal is to help our members save money and energy by offering a variety of programs to fit every lifestyle. But don’t limit yourself by just signing up for one! Combine these programs together to maximize your savings.


When you sign up for our load management program, it helps you control your use of major energy users like your water heater and air conditioning unit. Then, by signing up for our time-of-day rates, you can save even more by only using those appliances during off-peak hours during which you pay a lower rate.

bundle and save programs

And don’t forget about our rebates! When you sign up for these programs, you’re eligible for the following rebates to help put even more money back into your wallet:

$200 creditWhen you install an electric heat pump with a SEER2 of 15 or higher and have a total electric home, you qualify for $50 per ton, up to $200 per system.


$100 creditBy notifying us of your EV or plug-in hybrid ownership, you’ll receive a $50 credit on your bill Plus, receive an additional $50 credit on your bill when you join our EV time-of-day rate.


$50 creditWith our smart thermostat savings program, you’ll receive a $50 sign-up credit on your bill.


$25 credit

Receive a $25 bonus credit when you join our air conditioning load management program.


All of this sounds great, but what is the experience like for an actual member? We’re glad you asked!

Benedicts“As longtime members of Piedmont Electric, we’d heard about some of these programs in the past, but just recently decided to sign up for a time-of-day rate. Within the first month of being signed up for this special rate, We saw a savings of about $100 on our energy bill without noticing a difference in comfort level and with only small changes to my energy habits. If you’re thinking about signing up for this rate or any of Piedmont Electric’s programs, we’d highly recommend signing up today!”

– Craig & Linda from Efland


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